What's all this talk about ghosts?
Why should you believe what we have to say about ghosts, when so many others claim to hold the truth about the matter? We believe there is a definitive source from which to learn the reality of ghosts and other supernatural phenomena.

The analysis in this website is taken from the pages of the Bible. It seeks to represent the truth about ghosts, apparitions, strange manifestations, and other supernatural phenomena from the Bible’s perspective, because we believe this is the only authoritative source on the matter. Whatever your religious background, we invite you to consider this perspective as you search for the truth about ghosts, death, and life itself. The following pages of this site elaborate upon our beliefs, including why we believe the Bible can be trusted to give us the truth.

We do not discount the existence of supernatural phenomena. Surely, strange things without an apparent explanation seem to occur everywhere around the world. We believe, because of the Bible's teachings, that these phenomena, including what many believe are ghosts, are actually nonhuman beings the Bible calls demons; these demons were once holy angels but are now part of an ages-old rebellion against God. Because these creatures are angels, they possess powers beyond human ability, and can manifest themselves in many ways that defy human understanding.

To learn more about the Bible, angels, demons, ghosts, the rebellion against God and why any of this matters, please continue to the rest of this website. We hope you will be blessed and enlightened by its content.

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