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A Trip Into the Supernatural by Roger Morneau

Doug Batchelor: Let's go back to your conversion a little bit. Now, you're French Canadian by birth.

Roger Morneau: Oh, yes.

Doug Batchelor: During the World War II, you were in the Navy.

Roger Morneau: Yes.

Doug Batchelor: Now, just coming out of the navy, some things happened, where you got drawn into not passive, but outright demonic association worship and the spiritualistic movement. Tell us a little about that so folks know where you've come from.

Roger Morneau: Coming out of merchant navy, I discovered there was thousands of enlisted men that were looking for jobs even who were no longer in service, and to get jobs in Montreal was difficult. I took a job to get me making a living at the Windsor Bowling Alleys and Billiards on west St. Catherine street, which is the main street of Montreal. I was assistant to the manager of the Billiard room. That's where all the wealthy people-- Billiard. It turned out to be that one evening, about six o'clock, this fellow come walking in there and said, "Hey, Morneau." I turned around, look at him. He said, "You're alive." I said, "Of course, I'm alive." "I heard that you were torpedoed in North Atlantic and that you died."

Doug Batchelor: You've had this problem all your life. Haven't you? People think you're dead.


Roger Morneau: Yes, up to this day. People misunderstand. He said, "Man, nice to see you." Shook my hand and he said, "Why don't you have dinner with me tonight? I got a lot of nice, interesting things to tell you, man. Wow. My life is well good with wellbeing." I said, "What do you do? Inherit a few million dollars" "No, no. It's better than that. Better than that." Can you [unintelligible 00:01:39]. I asked my boss, "Could I take the evening off?" It was on Wednesday evening. It wasn't too many people there. "Yes," he said, "You can take it off."

We're sitting eating our meal. He says, "Man, let me tell you. I have become a member of society who communicate with the spirits of the dead. How would you like to talk to the spirit of your dead mother?" Because my mother died when I was 12 years old. I said, "I wouldn't be interested at all." "Hey. man," he says, "I talk to my dad. Things that you don't see is fabulous. The spirits of our departed loved ones are interested in our welling here in this land. They want to help you. They want to be with you. They want to help you." He told me, "Well, why don't you come to seance with me next Saturday night?" I said, "No, I'm not interested really, to be honest with you."

I tried to change the subject but he wouldn't change the subject. He says, "No, look, you're chicken. I can't tell. I knew Morneau when he was afraid of nothing. You've painted the 70-foot main mast on the ship. Nobody else wanted to go up there. You're chicken, or are you going to come with me Saturday night?" I said, "I'll go with you." That's the way it started for a few months. We had tackled the seance and many very interesting things happened. If you want to hear about it, I'll tell you but I think I'm going to go on.

Doug Batchelor: Some of that is in one of your books. Is that in that Trip Into the Supernatural?

Roger Morneau: Into the supernatural.

Doug Batchelor: Right. Okay.

Roger Morneau: That's the one.

Doug Batchelor: That's it.


Doug Batchelor: That's called the plug. Hold it up.


Roger Morneau: Like you told me that the cameras will pick up. Right?

Doug Batchelor: That's right. You got to hold that. Hold it for a little while and then we'll put it down. That's good. Okay.


Roger Morneau: All I'm trying to do, I want to be recognized. People said I'm dead. I'm not dead.

Doug Batchelor: No, I can see that.

Roger Morneau: You'll see my books is here, "This guy is not dead."

Doug Batchelor: A number of fascinating things happened at the seance. Finally, you actually got to the place where one point things were flying around the room, and demons and spirits were speaking to the group and making promises?

Roger Morneau: I'm going to tell you a very short little story here. We go to one of these seances one Saturday evening, and there was a guest, exorcist, whatever you want to call him, medium, that was speaking there. My friend says, "Hey, by the way, this big, great man, the band leader, tennis band leader's going to be there with his wife." I said, "Really? Oh boy, I'd like to meet him." Now, this man belonged to a little Ferrigan society of spirit worshipers.

What happened, there's spirit counselor that is one of Satan's house top angels had told the high priest of the society just about a year before that the great master wanted to bring two individuals into the society that would be a tremendous asset to the group in Montreal and had given our names, but the priest had forgotten all about that. What happened, is that this George is band leader, he was told by the angel, "You go with your wife to this seance. You look like you're really enjoying yourself, but you're there for one purpose to bring these guys into the society. Here's how you're going to do it. When your wife is indoors talking with the visiting medium, and you see that these fellows want to leave, you tell your wife that you're going home to rest, but she can come home with the [unintelligible 00:05:38] which live right just a few houses away."

The angel told him, "Walk out at the same time with the two [unintelligible 00:05:45] and ask them if they're driving or taking the street car." We walked out of there and George says, "Hey, listen, are you guys driving?" "No. We've been taking the street car two blocks away." "No, jump in the car." He had a nice big Lincoln, brand new one. We jump in the car. He says, "I'll drive you there." On the way there he says, "Hey, man, why don't we go to a fancy restaurant on Western Catherine street? We'll have some good food and a couple of drinks. You'll tell me more about your merchant navy experiences."

After we're sitting there, he says, "How long have you guys been involved in sorcery?" We said, "What?" He says, "How long have you guys been involved in sorcery? The spirits that's supposed to be spirits of the dead, they are not spirits of the dead. They're demon spirits and they're deceiving everybody. They are the lowest ranking of Satan's angel." He goes on telling us a little bit more. He invites us to one of their meetings for the Wednesday evening, the following evening. By the time we left there, he was so lit that I said to myself, this guy will never pick us up to go to this meeting. Sure enough, Wednesday evening gave us a ring to-- Well, my friend lived about two blocks away from where I lived.

He picked us up, brought over there, and introduced us to this the members of the secret society. I was very amazed because of the fact that they were all professionals, merchants, business people of great capacities, wealthy people. There was a number of medical doctors and attorneys and people that [inaudible 00:07:35].

Doug Batchelor: Now, at this point, you realized the society, they were not just mediums doing seance, as you knew that this was the underworld.

Roger Morneau: They had beautiful paintings, life-size of angels that had appeared, Satan's angels dressed in different garment of different ages. They had materialized. First, they had materialized in those forms, then they were photographed, and then they made the paintings of them. When I visited the worship room of the gods, I was amazed to see there was over a hundred that was beautiful paintings all around the worship room of the gods. They were all Satan's top-notch spirit counselors.

Doug Batchelor: They had these life-size paintings of demons that had once appeared, and they made painting out of them?

Roger Morneau: We were so amazed. My friend and I, we couldn't believe it. I think being born and raised a Catholic, and you think of the devil being in the middle of the earth and fire, covered with [unintelligible 00:08:37], with [unintelligible 00:08:41] and then you find out that the great conflict that started in the courts of heaven.

Doug Batchelor: The demons are beautiful.

Roger Morneau: That Satan's angels are beautiful beings, bright, beautiful beings. See. The high priest told me that when he was in Chicago visiting there that an angel appeared to him. He says that the brightness was so great that he could look upon the being but close his eyes. The spirit counselor, the angel told him that the fellow that he had left in charge, the other priest in Montreal was about to wreck everything that the spirits had done to bring my friend and I into the society in that he ought to fall immediately and get this guy to change his mind. When George wanted to phone him and says that he would like to bring us, he said, "No, wait. If the high priest wants to have them here, he's going to have to be here himself. That'll be in the future."

Doug Batchelor: I remember reading that the spirits were offering different gifts and powers. At one point you received the power to get dreams about what horse to bet on.

Roger Morneau: Oh, yes.

Doug Batchelor: You won, the bookies finally told you to stop coming because you won several days in a row. Is that right?

Roger Morneau: They told me that they were going to put a bullet in me. When I heard that, I said to the guy, “I won’t come back here.”

Doug Batchelor: Every race that you bet on you won for several days.

Roger Morneau: Here’s what happened. The high priest told us, my friend and I, that the great master would very much like to have us initiated into the society on the 31st of October, at their resort in the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal, north of Saint-Cassien-des-Caps. He wasn't able to tell us what the great master wanted us to do as a career, but that it was going to be a tremendous important work that the two of us were going to do. My friend says he wanted to be initiated anytime.

I said to the priest, at the time I didn't know very much, I said my reverend, I called the guy the rev. "I understand how the great master may want us to be initiated now, but somehow I don’t feel that I want to be initiated this time. What about maybe in the spring of the year or something like that?" He said, “Well, I’ll tell you what, I don’t know. You don’t want to back a good master, the high master, the great master because he says it’s very bad.”

Doug Batchelor: The great master is who?

Roger Morneau: Is Satan.

Doug Batchelor: I just want to clarify that the great master is Satan and is offering a special gift.

Roger Morneau: They still refer to him as the great master or Lucifer.

Doug Batchelor: Lucifer.

Roger Morneau: You don’t call him Satan. Very, very few [unintelligible 00:11:29] but very few. He said, “Look, I’m going to do something for you guys, especially for you Roger. I’m going to pray to the great master that he gives you a gift [unintelligible 00:11:42] give three or four or five and choose whatever you choose he says will be yours.” I said, “It will be mighty nice if I had the gift of clairvoyance, where I could see-”

Doug Batchelor: Clairvoyance.

Roger Morneau: "-at the bookies, you play the horses. You go to bookies you see all the names of the horses and that tracks them down wherever their way of running, and to know which was going to be a winner." I said, “That would be great. I could win myself nice money.”

Doug Batchelor: That will probably work with the stock market too then?

Roger Morneau: It would probably work with anything. He said, "That’s yours. You've got it." Sure enough, just a bit later I had a dream. I dreamed that I went to the bookie and on a Saturday morning and I set a calendar date and everything and I saw all the horses running at three different races and the winner was the one that shone.

Doug Batchelor: It was shining.

Roger Morneau: Shining. There was one there, he was 21 to 1, this guy this horse, it was so bad the possibility of winning was so poor that he was paying 21 to 1. In other words, if you put a $1 down you get 21 if he wins. That was the shining one. I said, "Boy." Then I said [unintelligible 00:12:58] you look good. I said to myself-- In those days money was-

Doug Batchelor: Scarce.

Roger Morneau: -scarce. I said, “Well, I'm going to put $2 on this guy.” I put $2 on it and then he wins [unintelligible 00:13:12]. Then I put $20 on the 21 to 1 horse and that won.

Then [unintelligible 00:13:20] everybody. Everybody said, "I can’t believe it." Some guys were knocking their hands, excuse me, knocking their fists on the counter-


Roger Morneau: -because they said, “This horse is totally worthless. It shouldn’t have been in this race and then he wins.” [unintelligible 00:13:39] these guys and I said, “Boy." You know what happened, when I came back the following week, I left out of there with a bundle of money in my pocket. I went down to St Cathrine Street, I went to one of the fine men store and I bought myself a $200 suit.

Doug Batchelor: That was a lot of money back then.

Roger Morneau: Those days in 1946, God, a bundle of money. Anyway, I came back the next week and the man of the cage says, “You’re Roger?” I said, “Yes.” As I was putting some money down, he said, “The boss would really like to see you.”

Doug Batchelor: The bookie boss?

Roger Morneau: Yes. The owner of the operation. He says, “You go to that door right over there.” I said, “Okay.” He gives me my tickets and I go in there and knock, “Come on in.” It was all in French of course. “Entre Monsieur.” Then he sees me, “Oh, you’re the guy. You’re Roger?” I say, “Yes.” “Come here,” he says, “Sit down right there in front of my desk.” He got up and walked around and make a big circle around me, look at me, sat back again and he says, “You don’t look like a winner. You don’t look like a man that knows anything about horses.”

I said, “I don’t. I just happen to be lucky.” He said, “I’ll tell you what, I don’t know where you’re getting your information, but we don’t like it here anymore. You’re taking too much of our nice money. I’ll tell you what, the next time that you’re in here, I’ll let some of my goon after you and they’ll put a bullet right up there man, and I won’t have you around here again. Now, if you want the address and names of different bookies in Montreal, I’ll give you a whole list of them.” I said, “No, it’s not necessary sir. I won’t come back.” That was the beginning-


Doug Batchelor: He knew you had inside information, he just didn’t know-how inside it was?

Roger Morneau: The pressure mounted to be initiated and this was in October. I came home on a Wednesday evening and the high priest had put a lot of pressure on me. I went to bed but I couldn’t sleep. At three o'clock in the morning, I’m still laying in bed there and now this was a prayer, a mighty beautiful prayer, very short and I never thought I was praying. Listen to this, I said, “If there is a God in heaven who cares for me, help me.”

I don’t know how long, I stayed awake after that but the next thing I knew my alarm clock rang and I got up and went to work. Now, something beautiful happened. I’m working in an embroidery factory and I was working on my machine and three o’clock the coffee break came in the afternoon and I went outside to have my smoke and one of the bosses you see, they were Jewish if you want. One of the bosses said, “Hey, Roger, when you come up, come into my office I want to talk to you.” I said, “Okay.” I came back up and he said, “Come on in, close the door.” I said to myself, “What in the world is going on? He never closes his door, unless he wants to fire somebody.”

I learned that by observation. I said, “What’s the problem?” “There is no problem," he says, “ Well, you could call it a problem probably. Did you notice this guy that was here this morning, that I showed around the shop?” I said, “Yes, the Black guy?” “Yes. Well, he want to start working here next Monday, and he’s a Christian, but he keeps the Jewish Sabbath.” “What do you mean he keeps the Jewish Sabbath?” “Yes, he keeps the Biblical Sabbath of creation, that God created the world, the earth and blesses the seventh day and all that. He keeps it like the Jewish do. Like the Orthodox Jewish do.” I said, “So what?” “I wanted to find out what denomination he belongs to."

"It’s haunting me this thing," he says, "I could hardly sleep last night that I had to find out what denomination this guy belongs to. I’m not going to start doing this kind of work. You’re my friend. Do me a favor, find out for me.” I said, “Sure, no problem.” He said, “I'll have him work on the machine next to you.”

Doug Batchelor: This is in the embroidery factory.

Roger Morneau: Embroidery factory. He said, “You’re going to have a lot of chances to talk to the guy, but don’t let him know that I’m the one that wants to know what denomination he belongs to.” “Okay, don’t worry.” To cut the long story short, my machine was breaking threads and I had to back it up and start over again and I got very, very unhappy with the whole thing. I started to call the saints, I was a catholic when I was a former catholic. [chuckles] I was calling the saints [unintelligible 00:18:02] from heaven.

The coffee break came at ten o'clock, we went downstairs and I was telling the Cyril, I said, “Have you ever seen anything else taking place?” The boss comes over adjusts the machine, he works 15, 20 minutes taking his work is beautiful. I get back to the machine the first time breaking right away and so I don't know what it is. I said, “Do you have any suggestions?” He says, “Well, I’ll tell you what? If I were you, I would take it easy on the Lord. I could hear you talking to the saints up there a while ago. I heard the name of the Lord and I thought, since you asked my opinion, I’d like to tell you, take it easy on the Lord. Maybe things will go better.”

I said, “That’s my opening.” I said, “See, man. I understand you're quite a religious man. What denomination do you belong to?” He said, “I’m a Seventh-Day Adventist.” I said, “A seventy what?” "A Seventh-Day Adventist." He explained what the name meant. “Wow,” I said, “This is interesting,” I asked him some other questions. Then it was time to go back upstairs, I said to him, "Look, did you bring your lunch?” He says, “Yes.” “What about us sitting on the loading [unintelligible 00:19:16] back in the place there and have our lunch together and you tell me more about your religions convictions, about his business of the lord coming and resurrecting people, and recreating the earth later on and all of that, and you’re not going to be just a spirit flying on the clouds in heaven if you’re saved into God's kingdom?”

He said, “Yes, we will talk about it.” We had a good hour of talking. In the afternoon about two o’clock, the spirits started to oppress me. It was in the month of October, the windows are open about four, or five inches in the plane. It was cool, and I was starting to perspire. I took my shirt and I unbuttoned it and rolled my sleeves and I was still perspiring more, so I went to the men's room. Once I locked the door, I was being grabbed and choked and the pressure was so great that I stood over the toilet and the water was just putting down there. I said to myself, "Unless Cyril's God help me, the spirits are going to do me in," and instantly just-

Doug Batchelor: You knew that you had the demonic powers that were trying to choke you right then?

Roger Morneau: Yes. At three o'clock, no, it was at five o'clock, I told him, and says, "What street car do you take? Where do you take the street car?" He says, "Well, I'll take it about two blocks down here." I said, "I want to walk with you. Listen, if I went over to your house, could you show me the Bible. The things that you were telling me today about your religious convictions?" "Oh, yes," he says, "I'd be glad to." I said, "Yes, okay." He said, "What about next weekend?" "No, no," I said, "I mean, this evening," "This evening? Oh, it's not a good evening," he says, "I have a guy that's supposed to come and buy my jazz records. I've already promised him, I've put him off two or three times."

I said, "Well, I'm sorry, but I surely would've liked to study the Bible with you." He said, "What about tomorrow night or the night after?" "I'll be too late my friend, too late, forever, too late." He said, "Okay, you'll be at our home at seven o'clock and we'll be waiting for you." Now, I get to his place and he introduced me to his wife, and then he says, "Well, I got to explain something to you." Harrison. He said, "You know, I'm not a Seventh-Day Adventist. Actually, I told you I was a Seventh Day Adventist because you asked me and I said, it was this thing for me to do. I didn't have a lot of time to explain. I'm not a baptized member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. I probably will be baptized before too long, because I'm just about making my decision and we got to the Sabbath, but this is my wife, she is a Seventh Day Adventist."

He says, "She going to take the Bible studies tonight if that's okay with you." I said, "Yes." She explained that they had these little Bible studies, 28 Bible studies for [unintelligible 00:22:10] people. On one sheet, which is represent one study was about maybe 18-20 questions and then you look up the answer in the Bible. I said, "That's fine." We had a first Bible study, the word of God. Then it's eight o'clock and I said to Cynthia, she's smiling now, look at her. Isn't that beautiful? She remembers that like it was yesterday, and 51 years are gone by.

I said, "Cynthia, what's the next Bible study entitled?" "That's Daniel 2." I said, "Yes, what is it about?" She told me a little bit. I said, "Hey, let's have this Bible study right now." "No," they said, "Why not come back, we'll do it in next weekend?" "No," I said, "Tonight, right now." Cyril said, "Okay, let's have it." Now it's nine o'clock. I said, "What a fantastic study. Well, how interesting?" I said, "What's the third study title?"


Roger Morneau: She looked at Cyril and she said, "It is such and such." I said, "Fantastic. Let's have the study also." I said, "What time do you people go to bed?" They said, "We go to bed about eleven o'clock." He said, "After I listen to the evening news." "Beautiful," I said, "We have plenty of time for another study."


Roger Morneau: He said, "Let me explain to you. We've got a problem here. You know, our minister has been giving us lectures on how to give Bible studies effectively, and he tells us that we should never give people more than two Bible studies per week. They should be like one maybe on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday and the other one on Sunday or Saturday or something like that. We've already had-- How many do we have now, three? Two? We've already passed our quota." I said, [chuckles] "I'm so glad that you told me that Cyril, about your minister. I tell you what? I promise I won't tell him a thing."


Roger Morneau: "I won't tell him when I meet him, that we had three or four Bible studies the first night."

Doug Batchelor: Yes, that's forbidden. We know that. That's right.

Roger Morneau: He said, "[unintelligible 00:24:25]. Go ahead, Cynthia" Cynthia had another Bible study. Now, it was ten o'clock. I said, "What's the fourth one?" He says, "She won't tell you the title." I said, "Well, I tell you what? I thought you people were really nice, loving Christian that wanted to help a poor lost soul, and here you are refusing to give me another Bible study."


Roger Morneau: I said, "Hey, I just can't figure this out." He said, "What would happen if we didn't study tonight?" I said, "I'll tell you what? Let me be honest with you, okay? I cannot tell you the reason why I want all these Bible studies, but if I am back here tomorrow night for the fifth Bible study, it will have been a super miracle of God that I'm alive." Cyril said, "You make it sound like a matter of life and death." I said, "It's exactly what it is, and I'll tell you later if things turn out good for me." I was as sure as I was sure that the sun's going to rise tomorrow, that the spirits were going to do me in that night.

The high priest had told us about a couple of accidents that had happened. Some of their members that I decided that "Well, no, no, this is really not for me." One guy, he told the high priest, "I think I'm going to ask you to excuse me from this fellowship. It's not for me." The guy says, "Wait a minute, don't you back off on the great master, because it'll cost you your life." He said, "[chuckles] that'll be the day." He went away and he left that day from work and the spirit counselor, the angel appeared to the high priest and said, "That man's going to die in a car accident is down the road and he's going to be decapitated," and that's exactly what happened to him. I knew very well that the spirits were already well aware of what I was doing and I was not going to be around very long.

Doug Batchelor: You knew that or at least you believed that if you went ahead and tried to leave this satanic society you were done in for-

Roger Morneau: Cost my life, yes. At night I said goodbye. I didn't expect to see them again, but the next morning I woke up. I was expecting some kind of an accident on the way home, but I woke up the next morning man alive. She's beautiful, I'm alive. I had, of course, get them to commit themselves to more Bible studies for Tuesday, you see. At least once.

Doug Batchelor: That was the next day?

Roger Morneau: The next day. The next day, I was there, we had four more.


Roger Morneau: Now I was sure that I was not going to see them on Wednesday. I shook hands with them and says, "Well, if I'm still alive, I'll be here tomorrow night for Bible study number- For it be nine. See. We had 28 Bible studies in one week, 7 days. What happened here-

Doug Batchelor: I'm getting ideas for a new evangelistic series.


Roger Morneau: Oh, really?

Doug Batchelor: Yes.

Roger Morneau: [laughs] What happened here is that by Tuesday night, I was so sure that I would not live any longer, that I figured, well, it was nice to learn the truths. The truth about the creator because the high priest always talk when-- They don't refer to God as God, they always refer to God as the creator. Always as the creator. The great god is Lucifer, the great master. They don't give glory to God for anything, except that he's the creator. I said, "Well, that's the thing now."

Wednesday, when I came back for those Bible studies, I was so thrilled in my soul. I didn't know how to pray, but there was in my being an elation of such happiness toward the God who cared. I didn't know his name, but I knew that He's the God that cared because I said, "If there's a God in heaven who cares for me, help me." We had two more Bible studies and those Bible studies did for me marvels. By the time that the two other Bible studies were finished, we had four more, by the way, two more after that, but now I knew within myself that I had a great master also and that he was way better than the great master that I had been serving for a while.

Doug Batchelor: Amen.

Audience: Amen.

Roger Morneau: Also, I became very daring. I determined right there and then that with the grace of the Lord Jesus, and the power of God and His Holy Spirit, I didn't have to worry about the high priest and about the bullets and about the capitations to accidents.

Doug Batchelor: Now, let me interrupt you. How long ago was this?

Roger Morneau: 51 years ago.

Doug Batchelor: You did 27 Bible studies in one week. You've already heard brother Morneau allude to it, but the couple that gave him those Bible studies is here with us tonight. Would it be all right if we asked them to stand up?

Roger Morneau: Please yes.

Doug Batchelor: [unintelligible 00:29:43] and Cynthia, would you please stand up and show the Bible studies.


Roger Morneau: Come up on the step, on either step.

Doug Batchelor: Come up a little closer.

Roger Morneau: [inaudible 00:29:54].

Doug Batchelor: [unintelligible 00:29:54] is holding up-- This is the set of Bible studies that he gave Roger.

Roger Morneau: Yes.

Doug Batchelor: Over 50 years ago.

Roger Morneau: Yes, that's correct 51.

Doug Batchelor: Isn't that incredible. Boy, you needed the magnifying glass for these back then.

Roger Morneau: That's right. The printing was very fine.

Cyril: I can no longer read them. [chuckles]

Doug Batchelor: You can't read them anymore. They're too small.


Doug Batchelor: Well, praise the Lord. That's I think remarkable how the Lord has preserved them. I'm sure that this couple really did not expect that those Bible studies they were giving were going to result in a ministry that would be in essence, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

Roger Morneau: Yes.

Doug Batchelor: When you give a Bible study to one person, never underestimate what the long-term influence of that is going to be. Isn't that wonderful?

Roger Morneau: This is all I'm going to say about this is part of it. On Wednesday night, when I got home, I had a note on my door from my friend. On Thursday night and Friday night also, because we were finishing our studies at eleven o'clock and took me an hour to get home on the streetcar. Which meant that I got home at twelve o'clock. He had been around to try to talk to me, but he couldn't get ahold of me. Didn't know where I was. On Saturday night he told me, he said, "The high priest has informed me that the spirits are going to destroy you, and there's a big price already been set on your head. I need to talk to you, please call me."

I decided there was a payphone in the hallway downstairs in the foyer, but I decided I'd better go to a restaurant on the street, so I can talk privately. I called him up and he told me, he says, "I've got to talk to you, man. Your life is worth nothing. You're not going to live. If you don't come back to the great master, he says tomorrow this will be your last chance." He came to visit me and he tried to convince me in two hours' time that I should come back to the society. I said, "No, I'd be a loser." "What do you mean you'll be a loser?" He says, "You'll be wealthy. You'll be famous and you'll be doing a tremendous work that could benefit mankind." I said, "I know exactly how Satan benefits, mankind. Besides that, I got a new master and he's super-wealthy. Besides that, not only does he promise me gold and silver and abundance after the resurrection of his resurrection-"

Doug Batchelor: Amen.

Roger Morneau: "-but He promises me a hundred million years of living plus. He's told me that this is going to be just the beginning of the good life."


Roger Morneau: My friend looked at me and he says, "You're either crazy or you're telling me an awesome truth." I said, "I'm not crazy, but I'm telling you an awesome truth."

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