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Secrets Beyond the Grave by Dwight HallStraightforward Bible answers to what happens beyond the grave that every person needs to know. Framed around the heart-touching story of parents who lost their little girl, it ultimately leads every reader to experience comfort and hope about what happens when we die. A must-have book to counteract dangerous delusions growing rapidly today! By Dwight Hall.

Beyond Death's Door by Gerald WheelerBeyond Death's Door examines the Bible and science for the truth about the afterlife--and discovers that one of the first lies told humanity has been taught as gospel truth for thousands of years.

Search For The Immortal Soul by Daniel KnauftResearcher and author Daniel Knauft probes the writings of Scripture, Plato, St. Augustine, and C. S. Lewis to unravel a mystery as old as time itself. What really happens at death? Does life, in fact, end, or is death just a transition to the next life? How did the ancient Greek philosophy of Plato's immortal soul infiltrate the early Christian church? By Daniel Knauft.

Spirits of the Dead (PB) by Joe CrewsThis short book provides stunning biblical proof that the soul is not immortal by nature and explains why it is so important to know the truth. Great for sharing with friends and family! By Joe Crews.

Spiritualism and the Occult (Signs of the Times) by Pacific PressThis attractive, affordable, full-color magazine presents powerful biblical lessons in a direct and captivating way about the dangers of spiritualism that is slowly creeping into the church.

Three Unclean Spirits (PB) by Joe CrewsThis in-depth, easy-to-understand study book from Joe Crews helps you identify the three forces that the book of Revelation says will set the stage for the battle of Armageddon. By Joe Crews.

Heaven: Is It for Real? (PB) by Joe CrewsIf you're like most people, you're tired of the evil, suffering, and hurt in our world. You want a life of peace, fulfillment, and joy. Is such a life possible? You better believe it! Get a glimpse of the place we can all look forward to when Jesus comes. By Joe Crews.

Hidden Dangers in Harry Potter (PB) by Steve WohlbergBillions of dollars have been poured into the Harry Potter phenomenon worldwide, yet so much more than money is at stake. Understand the dangers and deceptions behind this popular character enchanting millions of children with tales of witchcraft. By Steve Wohlberg.

Spirits From Other Worlds (PB) by Joe CrewsA war between good and evil is raging for your soul! Learn the truth behind the powerful spirits using the Earth right now as their battleground and how spiritualism and UFOs are playing a major part in these last days. By Joe Crews.

A Trip Into The Supernatural by Roger MorneauA powerful story of his divine rescue from the terrifying and deadly world of Satanism! By Roger Morneau.

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